President's Message.

Eric Palmer – President.

"Our members are independent entrepreneurs who take pride in their store banners. Our job is to help them thrive as independent business owners,” says Eric Palmer, now President of Sexton Group. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Sexton Group Ltd, our members and our suppliers. Sexton Group has been a leader in the Canadian market for over 35 years. We have over 400 member locations across Canada, providing a full range of products and services to building contractors, agricultural enterprises and other consumers of construction products.

Our members are independent business people, deeply rooted in their local communities and armed with the necessary experience to meet the demanding day-to-day challenges of servicing professionals.

Sexton Group provides these professional retailers with access to high-quality brands of building materials at very competitive prices. This allows our members to compete effectively with large multi-national chains.

We are a dedicated team of industry experts focused on our independent members’ success. We negotiate strong, regionally competitive programs for all members coast-to-coast. We have worked hard to strengthen our national footprint and I am committed to bringing the full value of Sexton Group to members across our country.

We work for our members every day, so they can focus on what matters most – their business.

Please, take some time to navigate our website and learn more about our growing and progressive group. However, to understand us better, you must meet our team, and I encourage you to pick-up the phone and let us have a chat.


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