They also help us to locate and source new products and suppliers, and that has been really vital for us in the last year or so.

– Eric Toivonen,

North Pole Trim & Supply

The Sexton Program team provides us with a bi-weekly supply report that helps us anticipate potential problems with product supply and availability

– Mike Duell, General Manager

Taber Home & Farm Center

We have good, long-standing relationships with our vendors and they made sure we had everything we needed. And that’s vital, because our customers count on us to keep them in business.

– Casey Leyenhorst, Owner

West Central Building Supply

Sexton has been great for us. Our Business Development Manager, Suzanne Walsh,  saw my vision for expanding the business from day one. With the group's support and volume pricing, we had the opportunity to branch out and get into new product lines we never thought of before. That grew the retail side of our business to the point where it's now bigger than the wholesale side for the first time in our history

– Rick Garrah, Owner

REP Windows

Competition is fierce in our market and margins are always under pressure. That's why we rely on the team of experts at Sexton to get us the best possible programs with access to top quality building supply brands at competitive prices.

– Gary Fletcher, General Manager

Trail Building Supplies

I rely on Sexton's strength to negotiate programs that keep me competitive.

Being involved with the group has really helped us gain access to a wider range of suppliers and, because the group is Canada-wide, we’ve been able to gain access to product manufacturers in different parts of the country

– Charlie Hotham, Owner

Hotham Building Materials

Pivoting our business helped us succeed in our market.  We have carved out a niche by focussing on carrying higher grade products and specializing in interior finishing. Sexton gives us access to a robust range of products, including the latest innovative solutions in the marketplace that help us meet the demand of our customers. 

– Kerry Connelly and Jamie Emin, Owners

Glenora Lumber

I don't beieve that an independent dealer could survive here without the help of a great buying group. That's why we chose Sexton.

– Ron Sargeant, Owner

Northcoast Building Products

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