Driven by the Market.

We negotiate regionally competitive programs so you can win projects.

We are dedicated to bringing our independent members the best and most competitive programs in their local markets.

We negotiate strong, regionally competitive programs for all members coast to coast.  

We do this through the buying power of over 400 members across Canada, and our negotiation team made up of professionals. Our negotiating strategy is based on intensive market analysis and price monitoring at both the national and local levels.

We don’t spend our resources on store-front banners, flyer programs or in-store signage. Instead, we focus on building close relationships with vendors and members. We believe this gets us the best price-point for members to win projects.

How we do it

Market Intel

Our members are our greatest resource to negotiate for the most competitive prices. We work together to collect market intelligence from our 400 members in their local markets across Canada, in a way we are managing 400 unique markets. We analyze the data to give us a strategic advantage in our negotiations. We work with independent owners and purchasing teams to understand the unique needs of their business and to get the pricing they need on the products they require. We know how to pool our volume to get the best competitive pricing.


We have a world-class negotiation team that armed with market intelligence, negotiate the best programs to provide our members with competitive pricing on lumber and other major building product categories. We get members better pricing than they could on their own. Vendors pay attention to the large volume we bring to the table, and we leverage that to get exceptional programs. We are committed to securing regionally competitive programs that allow members to compete in their local markets. That’s why we don’t have one national program for a product category because, as the saying goes, “one size fits no one.”

Monitoring programs

Once we strike a deal for our members, our work isn’t done. We monitor markets closely and, if needed, re-negotiate pricing throughout the year, so our members have the most competitive programs to help them win projects all 365 days.

Access at your fingertips

We’ve invested in technology to create a centralized portal that our members use daily to access all the program information they need and to determine net pricing. Our team of program coordinators regularly upload the latest program information and are available to support our members.  We are only a phone call away if you need help.

Win Projects

We help our members secure project pricing on substantial projects that are larger than their regular jobs. We get answers quickly to help win the day on special projects. We know that time is of the essence when bidding on new contracts.

Working for our members every day. So you can focus on what matters most – your business.

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