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Fastest rebates in the industry – We get your money back in your pocket.

One of our main focuses is transactional excellence.

We pride ourselves on providing accurate accounting, and we are known for our transactional excellence. In fact, we have the fastest rebate payments in the industry, putting money back in your pocket.  

When it comes to our industry, it’s essential that members receive their full rebates from vendors as quickly as possible. We provide centrally billed invoices, a single statement and a rebate at the end of the month. We are focused on ensuring rebates are paid quickly, in fact, we are the fastest in the industry.

Accuracy is king in accounting. You can’t make mistakes when you’re dealing with someone else’s money, so we invested in the right technology and IT systems, ensuring that the information is 100 per cent accurate and on time, every time. Our system gathers and processes information from members and vendors accurately and minimizes any errors which may cause delays. This means we can pay out rebates faster and with precision.

The core component of our improved IT system is the “Member Portal”, which gives group members 24/7 online access to a wide range of fully secure accounting information and data. Using the portal, members can review purchase program details and price lists, download current invoices and historical purchase data, track rebates and communicate directly with both the Sexton accounting team and key vendor contacts. 

Working for our members every day. So you can focus on what matters most – your business.

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